check out our packages!

We want you to be happy!  One of these options is bound to be right up your alley and if not, hit us up on the contact page and we will work out a custom option, just for you! 


recording package:

We want to make your record.  Or album.  Or single.  Or whatever.  Click the button to learn more and to check out all the cool stuff you can choose from! 


Concierge-level rehearsals:

In between gigs?  Don't want to set up your rehearsal space for just one night?  Does your mom want you out of the garage for a while?  Here at Ballast Recordings, we're the first and only studio to offer concierge-level rehearsal services.  Click the button for all the juicy details and full pricing info! 


Room rental:

We get it.  Sometimes you just need some time to yourself.  At Ballast Recordings, we are very proud of our room and we want you to use it, even if you aren't making a record (or if you just don't want us involved!).  Photographers, yoga instructors, event planners, or moms who just need alone time (you deserve it) will all find that our room at Ballast Recordings is just what they're looking for!  If you're an engineer in town and just need a great room to track in, look no further!  Click the link for pricing and more info!