Owning and operating a company like Ballast Recordings has been a dream of ours since we were high-schoolers tracking our bands and our favorite players on our 4-track Tascam cassette recorders through a ¼" microphone in the bedroom.  We remember what it's like to capture the "perfect" bathroom reverb (it was always in the master bathroom) and we remember the joy of discovering overdubs.  We grew up listening to incredible music, learning about different styles and genres, grilling our fathers over their favorite records.  We spent our youths picking out the gear we'd play when we had the money (to be honest, we still do that to a degree).  

Playing and listening to music has been a lifelong passion for us, and we know it has been for you too.  Come make an album, an EP, or a demo with us and you'll see that we care just as much about your music and your success as you do! 

Here at Ballast Recordings, we believe in building a music scene in Reno and encouraging bands to record their first, second, or twentieth album.  When we started this mission, our goal was to build a great recording environment and get some talented bands in and to help them succeed.  Everyone has a home studio, we know that.  Our goal is to give musicians an alternative to the home studio, to allow the band to focus on the music and the performance rather than have one foot in the tracking room and the other in the control room.  We have a huge tracking room (700 sq. ft with 18 ft ceilings!) that's been treated to sound just the way we like it and we can track virtually any band in a live setting without having to compromise quality for quantity.

Come in and check it out; hang out with us for a day or two and see how we operate.  We know that there's nothing more important than feeling comfortable in the studio and with your engineers and producers.  We want you to feel relaxed and confident every time you walk in the building so that you lay down your best performances every day! 

We understand that recording can be an intimidating proposition in a lot of ways.  We pride ourselves on being approachable, nice, and compassionate human beings.  We aim to make it easy for anyone to come in and have the experience of a lifetime.  Having made our first records in other studios, we can vouch for the fact that there's nothing like completing your first album and we want EVERYONE to have that experience at least once in their lives.

We are open to appointments, and we love it when guests come by to check out the studio.  Bring a few of your favorite records and we can relax on the couches, get to know each other, and hang out and you'll see why it is that we're so passionate about our mission.